Signing up for Harness via AWS Marketplace

  1. Visit Harness Continuous Delivery in AWS Marketplace
  2. You’ll land here Harness Marketplace
  3. Click the Try for free button on the top right-hand corner.
  4. You may be prompted to sign in to the AWS account you just created, or the one you will be using for this workshop: AWS Signup
  5. Click the 14 Day Free Trial option and your page should look like this: Contract Config
  6. Click the Create contract button in the purchase box. You will NOT be charged after the free trial
  7. This pop-up box will appear: Contract Box
  8. Click the Accept contract button.
  9. You have successfully signed up for Harness! Contract Success
  10. Select Setup your account to proceed to Harness
  11. Log in with your Harness account or Sign Up Sign In or Sign Up
  12. Complete Sign Up page Sign Up page
  13. Check your email to verify the account. Your email will include a verify link which should open a new browser window. Verification
  14. Select Continuous Delivery and click on Continue button Platform Modules
  15. Select CD First Generation and click on Continue button CD First Generation
  16. Setup the environment
    • Development Platform: AWS
    • Artifact Repository: DockerHub
    • Monitoring & Logging: Prometheus CD Tutorial
  17. Select Let’s go Env Tutorial
  18. You can now select the Harness logo in the top left corner and you should be in a Harness Dashboard Harness Dashboard

And that’s it! You’ve are now done with signing up with Harness! Click the next button to proceed with requesting AWS credits so this workshop will be FREE.