Define Sample Application

Similar to deploying Prometheus, create a new Harness Service.

Setup -> AWS Canary -> Services + Add Service

  • Name: Sample App
  • Deployment Type: Kubernetes

Add Application Service

Click Submit. Now click +Add Artifact Source and choose Docker Registry in the Service Overview Section.

  • Source Server: Harness Docker Hub [public Docker Hub]
  • Docker Image Name: harness/cv-demo

Add Artifact Source

Once you click Submit, before importing the YAMLs in, one modification is needed.

In the Forked Sample Application Folder GitHub, make modification to the sample_application/values.yaml. The change needed is to configure Prometheus which you installed as an Allowed Origin.

ALLOWED_ORIGINS: http://_elb_address:8080/


Commit the change to git

Commit the Change to your Fork

Committed change

After the Commit, change back to the Sample App to Link Remote Manifests.

Setup -> AWS Canary Lab -> Services -> Sample App

Sample App Setup

Then enter the Remote Manifest Details

  • Manifest Format: Kubernetes Resource
  • Source Repository: AWS Workshop
  • Branch: main
  • File/Folder: sample_application

Configure Sample App Remote Manifest

Click Submit and you are ready to configure the canary.